Maginhawa Adventures 2: Good Burger with good company

Hello! Recently Adi and I decided we’d get serious with our small handmade business, Twine + Sunshine! With that, we decided we finally put this blog to use (whose name I reserved since 2012 haha!)

To start things off, we decided to do a small craft swap :)

I crocheted him an octopus

Meet Gustavo!
on top of his new home

I’m really proud of this little octopus guy.

For anyone interested:

Adi thought he was so cute and started strangling him….

Striped beanie with tiny heart detailing! PM us on facebook if you want one too :)

Adi knit me a beanie in exchange!

We also ate at Good Burgers in Maginhawa. They have different sized burgers, from Good to Better to Best; their burgers range from 90-150 pesos (their Just Burger, their plainest burger, sells for cheaper though at only around 60 if I’m not mistaken)

I got a Margherita Burger which cost me 90 pesos, and in it is mozzarella, basil, and tomato. What I like about Good Burgers is their burgers are healthy! You can choose from either chicken patty or veggie patty. I chose veggie! What’s also interesting is their “bun” is actually pan de sal, which, interestingly, compliments their burgers.


 No regrets, just love. The burger, although vegetarian, does not lack in taste, and my stomache doesn’t feel as guilty as when I choose to eat the usual beef burgers.

Adi chose the Persian burger which has onions and cheese inside if I’m not mistaken. I forgot to take a picture of it before he ate everything :(

Anyway, Good Burgers has a number of branches but we ate in their Maginhawa Branch! I’ve been trying to eat healthier recently and Good Burgers is a good place to start, since you can eat with less guilt.

We also plan on holding a knitting/crocheting workshop soon in either Maginhaw or Katipunan area, details to follow. For inquiries and updates about this, please visit our official Facebook page below.


Good Burgers
#162 Maginhawa St., Diliman, QC

Twine + Sunshine


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