Maginhawa Adentures 3: Tea please! + Tambahayan

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Hi! Celz here!

Aren’t you glad this (hell) week is over? Well we sure are. I don’t think I can bear writing another paper or studying for another exam. Just a few more weeks to go and it is s u m m e r! But before that comes a few more series of hell weeks we need to go through, which can be draining. It’s even taking a toll on our creative pursuits :(

That’s why Adi, LJ, and I went over to Maginhawa to relax with food!

Tea please!

Yes, please.

They have really unique milktea flavors. I got dark coconut for 75 PHP and a sylvana for 20 PHP. I liked the dark coconut milktea, it was different in a good way. I didn’t like the sylvana though, partly because I’m such a sylvana snob (it has to be p e r f e c t). I think their sylvana lacked sweetness and needed more layers.

5 PHP discount if you bring your own cup!

They also have books and different board games like Cluedo, Word Dictionary, etc. We hoarded the blocks

… and made a mini Jenga!

And the tower will collapse because of Adi in 3, 2, 1….

After an hour of collapsing blocks and praying the laws of physics be false, we walked ahead and went to


Witty names + that tagline speaks to all of us. The restaurant is in an actual house setting so it speaks true to its name.  think Lutong Bahay in Area 2 but with more class, comfort, and coziness.

Cool placemats!

I really love their lighting, it’s flattering and gives a cozy feeling. You can also watch movies on their tv! It really feels like staying over at a friend’s house. (The only thing lacking is a PS3 and annoyingly cute little siblings). We watched parts of Pitch Perfect, Kung Pao and White Chicks.

Fernando Poe-tato Chips (65 PHP) and Lord of the Onion Rings (80 PHP)

They gave us free soup! This was egg and corn with tofu :)

Adi’s order – Janno Pork Ribs (150 PHP)

My order! Yvonne Beef Stroganoffsky (who I still don’t know even after asking the waiter where the name came from) (140 PHP)

This was really goooood the beef was tender and they were generous with the mushrooms. It even had a small siding of mashed potatoes. The rice was also big, I didn’t even finish it.

LJ’s order! Koreanu Ribs (150 PHP) my favorite menu entree name here haha.

We also got turon! Even though it was only small, it didn’t lack in flavor. There was a nutty taste to it and it also had cinnamon.This was also given to us for free (is it because we looked like famished children I don’t know but I’m not complaining) This isn’t on their menu! :( I hope they put it there. We want more.

As if there customer service isn’t superb enough, they also gave LJ and I (the girls) free flowers! I plan to dry mine to preserve it, I’ll update you guys on that soon :)

I think this is how customers should leave after eating in a restaurant – full of warm, fuzzy feelings with the owners interacting with their customers.

Overall, great service as kuya waiter was really attentive to our needs, awesome food which I really liked although they’re for the carnivorous type, warm, cozy place for not a lot of money. Masarap talaga tumambay sa hindi mo bahay :)

Tambahayan (Price range 100-200 per pax)
Mon – Fri 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
* 2nd Floor Unit C 63 Maginhawa St. U.P. Village
* 1101 Quezon City, Philippines

Tea please! (Price range less than 100 per pax)
Mon – Sat: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
* 72 Maginhawa Street U.P. Village, Diliman
* 1101 Quezon City, Philippines


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