Maginhawa Adventures 4: Breakfast for Lunch at Ally’s All-Day Breakfast + a Punny Friend

Hey. It’s Adi logging on this time.

Well, it’s just another two short weeks until the official end of the school year for us. The first week is going to be filled with exams the teachers are trying to cram into our schedules, because the following week is going to be for our finals.

So, LJ and I decide to spend just one more day without a care in the world before delving into our notes and text books. And as a last minute guest, Orielle joins us on our trip to satisfy ourselves.

And off we go to…

Ally’s All Day Breakfast Place.

Obviously, they serve breakfast. Menu items include Filipino favorites such as beef tapa, adobo flakes, daing na bangus, and several varieties of longganisa from around the Philippines. These breakfast meals include two sunny side up eggs, breakfast rice, tomato salsa, and a glass of iced tea.

They also serve waffles and pancakes, that you can customize with all kinds of toppings, syrups and even a name, french toast, with flavors such as apple cinnamon and dulce de leche, omelettes and other well loved breakfast, and snack foods.

I ordered their Big Breakfast Attack, and as they said, “Good for one really really hungry person. Enough for two to share”. And was it good for one really really hungry college student. I got the “When JM is Starving”(350 PHP), which included bacon strips, scrambled eggs, hungarian sausage, tomato salsa, french fries, breakfast rice, bottomless iced tea, and a super-size waffle.

Seeing as how I could customize my waffle, I did. I added strawberries, blueberries, and dulce de leche (35 PHP per topping) as well as caramel syrup to top it all of. The waffle was so big I could barely finish it.

LJ got the Classic Spanish Omelette(110 PHP), which had potatoes, onions and ham. She had breakfast rice on the side for an extra 20 PHP.

She also had an order of the Potato Wedges(75 PHP). But she didn’t expect it to be such a large order.

Orielle got the Apple Cinnamon French Toast(140 PHP), that was topped with  whipped cream and maple syrup.

After finishing the french toast, she decided she was still hungry and ordered some crispy bacon with sunny side up eggs and rice(150 PHP).

As a breakfast place, Ally’s decor and ambiance was truly sunny and warm. They had music playing over the conversations happening at each table. One was tiled with this funky and retro design. While, the other wall had framed inspiring pictures. The light in the middle of the the room was even shaped like the sun with a smiling face.

Afterwards, we went back to UP satisfied and full of sunny warmth after that great breakfast for lunch. Hopefully, this meal can carry me through the rest of the two weeks of school.

I definitely recommend Ally’s All Day Breakfast Place to those who love breakfast, and good food. Make sure to bring more than enough money when you do decide to visit the place. Who knows how many different toppings you’d like to have on that huge waffle.

Ally’s All Day Breakfast Place (Price range ~130-300 pax)

Mon – Sun 7:30 am – 10:00 pm

*50 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village

*1101 Quezon City, Philippines

*Disclaimer* Yes, I know it’s called Maginhawa Adventures. Malingap is connected to Maginhawa by just a short walk, promise :)


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