Maginhawa Adventures 5: Bowl & Brew and the time I had to pay 50 for a tricycle ride

Hello! It’s Celz this time!

Around 2 weeks ago (during the middle of hell week 2(? 3? I lost count…) we decided to try out another place in Maginhawa. Looking back at recent posts, I think we may have been stress eating. Oops.

This time around, we decided to go to another newcomer in town, Bowl & Brew!

Despite it’s diner-esque facade and name, they don’t sell greasy burgers and the like here. Actually, looking over the menu one can see that they offer up some pretty unique food items.

One thing they really highlight is they specialize in Lucban cooking. Think Pahiyas festival, with the colorful kiping and the longganisang Lucban. Actually, growing up when festivals are discussed during Araling Panlipunan (HEKASI, as it was called), my absolute “favorite” festival is the Pahiyas festival because it’s so colorful and was amazed that you can eat the colorful decor. Ha!

Kiping is actually made from ground rice and made into a paste then mixed with food coloring before being spread into their leaf “molds” then steamed and dried before being peeled individually. There is a page about it here. Why do I mention this? Because in their menu, they incorporated kiping into one of their original creations, Sorbetes and Kiping Flakes with Suman. We would have tried it if we weren’t full!

So what did we try?

I tried the Longanisang Lucban Sandwich (135 PHP). It’s Lucban longganisa with egg, lettuce, cucumber and tomato on what I think is a baguette? I’m pretty sure it was some kind of French bread or the other. There wasn’t any sauce on the sandwich but I don’t think it was necessary, as the sausages were full of flavor, and as you can see from the photo, they didn’t skimp on the ingredients. I liked it especially for the originality of the concept, as they are able to set themselves apart from the usual “silog” combination, although they offer something like that as well. The sandwich was pretty pricey for student like me, though, as I tend to be perpetually broke. It filled me up but I guess there was still room for dessert, as I couldn’t help but try their cake.

I ordered their Yema cake (75 PHP for a slice). They also offer Caramel cake, and the menu says those two are famous Quezon cakes (I Googled, it’s true! Sorry for not knowing that). I liked it! It wasn’t overly sweet and the cake was moist, although I wish the yema part was thicker (says the person with high risk of diabetes) but I think this is how it’s made traditionally. The grated cheese on top was a nice touch.

Before we go to Adi’s food though, by this point in the post have you stopped to ask yourself, “Why are they called Bowl & Brew?” Look up.

Sadly I forgot to ask them how many bowls are cemented on to their ceiling, but yes, there are bowls on their ceiling, hence I’m guessing this is where the name came from. I’m not sure why they decided to put bowls aside from the obvious wow factor and instant selfie backdrop (Adi and I tried, it’s actually hard to do), but these are really colorful eyecandy. This is making want to take pottery class.

I also got to chat with the owner’s mother! Kapal kasi ng mukha ko eh hahaha. So it’s her side of the family that came from Lucban, and told me I should go visit Pahiyas festival this May. Oh how I wish!!! Also, she said my hair is pretty. Plus points for that. Haha, just kidding :) But she was really nice and I think she was kind of shy.

This was Adi’s Tapang Lucban Special (150 PHP) which is basically tapsilog. It’s served in this big bowl which, when I asked him to compare, said the servings were bigger here than in Rodic’s and it’s also more savory. He says he also liked the presentation. Can’t help comparing it to Rodic’s back in UP Shopping Center, we practically lived on this whenever we went to UP back in highschool, hehe.

Adi also ordered dessert! But he tells me I can’t write about it yet because he has a  quest on it.

If you’re interested in trying this restaurant out, tell the tricycle drivers to drive you to Savemore since they’re more familiar with it. This place is relatively new and when I told the driver the exact address, we got lost and I had to pay 50 for my ride. Don’t let them do that!!! I wish you guys have better luck than I do, geez. Overall, this stress-eating adventure was worth it, even with that unfortunate incident. I really commend this restaurant for infusing their menu with classic favorites as well as original items featuring specialties from the owner’s roots. Our server was also really maasikaso.  Also, bowl ceiling selfie. (Nope, we’re not posting it here. Ever.)

Bowl & Brew
Unit 1 131, V.Luna Road Ext. Sikatuna Village
1100 Quezon City, Philippines
Mon-Thu 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri-Sun 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
+ with abundant sockets for you techies/cramming students out there
+ with free Wi-fi


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