Yarn Haul + A New Cat

Hey. Adi’s writing once again.

So, as a surprise for my youngest sister’s birthday, my mom decided to come back to the Philippines to visit. And as a surprise for me, she brought home a bag full of yarn.

With 6 different balls of yarn, my needles, a tapestry needle, and my cat right beside me, I was ready to knit.

I’ve made a black and white scarf, a multicolored circular scarf that can be wrapped up to three times, a shiny, metal looking pink and blue dinosaur beanie with gold spikes, a royal blue beanie with “#YOLO” embroidered on the front with gold yarn, and two simple multicolored beanies.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the finished products. I hope the images of my cat will make up for that. You might see some of the things I’ve made in our shop in the future. So, stay on the lookout for posts and updates about that.

By the way, this is Twine. I got him from my friend’s cousin’s cat’s litter. Ain’t he a cutie. Well, he’s grown quite a bit already, and I just bought a laser pointer last week. He’s been chasing that across the floor since then. I hope he understands it’s all for fun and he doesn’t get mad at me. I’m off to go point lasers at walls for Twine’s exercise. Pew pew.