Maginhawa Adventures 6: Breakfast and Pies

It’s Adi’s post this time around.
 photo IMG_7095 copy_zpssclnkneq.pngSo, a few weeks back, Celz and I decided to try out some sweet treats after other plans fell through. We journeyed from our meet up place at Katipunan to Malingap street near Maginhawa to have ourselves some breakfast, and maybe a slice of pie.
 photo img 1_zpsy3ewezlx.pngBreakfast and Pies is located beside Pino and in front of Don Day along Malingap street. They offer mainly, of course, breakfast, and you guessed it, pie.
 photo IMG_7036 copy_zps63pmru5q.png

Their breakfast items range from french toast, “Eggs Benny”, a design your own omelette, to the familiar longsilog with homemade longganisa served with aligue(crab fat), salted egg, a 5-minute egg, and atchara.

 photo IMG_7035 copy_zps19o3k3wx.png
 photo IMG_7037 copy_zpsg5e7jmni.png
 photo IMG_7038 copy_zpseuo1iuk6.png
 photo IMG_7040 copy_zpsdonlmg8k.pngThey also have cereal milk, which I guess is milk with some cereal in a bottle. Don’t you drink the milk left in the bowl after eating Koko Krunch, or Honey Stars? It’s delicious!

 photo IMG_7052 copy_zpsyjkh9lxp.png

Near the counter of the store are shelves with baskets filled with bread. As well as displays for their pies, cookies, brownies, and other pastries. The store itself caters to locals for their sources of cheese and yogurt. It’s really great to find people who support our local industries.

 photo IMG_7103 copy_zpscgluvfzo.png

 photo IMG_7053 copy_zpsaka763gw.png
 photo IMG_7050 copy_zpsmhf6v1ew.png
 photo IMG_7045 copy_zpseg36bhpv.png
 photo IMG_7056 copy_zpsba8jmzts.png
 photo IMG_7042 copy_zpsmyso1wrc.png

Onto our orders for that day. Being a pancake enthusiast and having a love for anything sour, I ordered the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes (165 PHP). With three pancakes topped with some ricotta cheese, and a glaze, one can taste the different flavors mixing together into a delicious breakfast. The combination of the salty taste of the cheese and the tangy lemon in the glaze enhance the individual flavors.

 photo IMG_7075 copy_zpsf3g9rb5g.png

Celz ordered the Thick Homemade Brioche French Toast (185 PHP). She was drawn to the promise of good cheese and a filling breakfast. The french toast was freshly prepared and still hot as it was served, as the ice cream had already melted somewhat by the time it got to our table. The sprinkling of pistachio nuts gave another level of texture to the soft and fluffy french toast and  the cold and creamy vanilla ice cream. Ice cream for breakfast? Then again, we are the country who eats chocolate in the morning in the form of champorado. Celz was full after several bites, and I had to finish off both plates. But hey, I wasn’t complaining.
 photo IMG_7067 copy_zpseycyrjrg.png
 photo IMG_7064 copy_zps3fjvvq7l.png

With Celz unable to decide between the Lemon Basil Fritz (75 PHP) and the Cranberry Celery Cooler (75 PHP), she convinced me to buy one so she could get the other. Both drinks were very vibrant in color and contained a lot of flavor. The fritz packed a punch of sour, almost enough to cause your lips to pucker, while the basil in the drink gave an almost minty after taste. The cooler on the other hand was more mellow. It tasted very earthy. Both Celz and I didn’t taste enough cranberry, but a lot of the celery. Both drinks give off a healthy vibe, seeming to have no added sugar.
 photo IMG_7078 copy_zpsogdgtzyh.png

We finished off the breakfast with a slice of Smack Pi (155 PHP), Breakfast and Pies version of Momofuku Milk bar’s Bestseller, Crack Pie. Great for anyone with a sweet tooth, no matter how small, the pie has a thin crust and a caramel like filling. Think condensed milk yema, baked into a pie. Super good! I was tempted to buy another slice to take home since Celz and I shared a slice. But sadly, the wallet didn’t allow it.

Jeezus, guys. Get the Smack Pi. I feel like you’d have to brush 3 times after eating it but it’s sooo worth it. -Celz
 photo IMG_7082 copy_zpsm0gmoa0r.png

At the end of the day, we were full and satisfied by the breakfast we had for lunch. Next time, we’ll try their more savory options, especially the homemade longganisa! This will soon be a stop for one of our pie hunts in the future.
 photo IMG_7100 copy_zpsjl8rlo4a.png
Breakfast and Pies (Price range ~200-400 pax)

Mon – Sun 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

* 39 Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village

* 1101 Quezon City, Philippines


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