Sweater Making

Hey! It’s been a while. It’s Adi writing another post to update you guys.  photo IMG_2217_zpsjozzhyej.jpg
If you didn’t know, I’ve become an out of school youth this past semester, but that’s not why I made this blog post! While my friends have been pulling all nighters studying for their exams and finals, I’ve been staying awake late at night to try and figure out how to knit a sweater.

 photo IMG_2229_zpszhlit7kh.jpg
It took me several mistakes, a few trips to Makati to resupply my yarn stash, one or two unraveling incidents, and a week and a half to start and finish my very first sweater. It was hard work, and a tiny bit of calculator punching, but it’s done!

 photo IMG_2143_2_zpsmxqh6gms.jpg
Of course, I couldn’t have done this without preparation. First of all, I did my research! I looked for tutorials, and guides on the internet. And this sweater was made using this as a guide.

 photo IMG_2231_zpstsoizqtl.jpg
Then, I made a small swatch of fabric using 6.5mm circular needles, and Red Heart Super Saver yarn, so that I know how many stitches and rows there are in one inch. I then started taking the measurements of my sweater using my hoodie as a basis. I merely just followed the guide, knitting how many rounds necessary. Once the body was done, I knit the sleeves. I put it all onto one knitting needle and followed the instructions on the underarm stitches. Now, the yoke and the neckline of the sweater was tricky. I had to unravel more than 60 rounds of knitting because of a miscalculation! So, be careful and double check your measurements and calculations. And after several hours of marathoning series while knitting, I finished it!

 photo IMG_2216_2_zpsz5rjxu2b.jpgThe sleeves are a little short, and the neck line was a little snug. It was my first sweater, I didn’t expect it to be perfect. But hey, I learned, and am ready to try cabled sweaters, and maybe ugly christmas sweaters, complete with reindeer and a Christmas tree in front? Crop top sweaters?

 photo IMG_2220_zpsqkwawp8k.jpg Disclaimer. I do not take credit for the video tutorial. I’d like to thank knitpicks for that, as well as the guide included in the description of the videos. Well, I hope try and make your very own sweater! Do shoot us a comment below or on Facebook if you make your own or if you have any questions! :)
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