Handlettering 101.1: CALLIGRAPHY, BRUSH PENS, NIBS ETC. SUPPLY DIRECTORY for Manila, Philippines!

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Hello! Welcome to part two of our handlettering series. If you haven’t seen part one, you can do so here. Don’t you hate it when you want to start a new hobby and don’t know where to get or find the supplies you want, especially here in Manila, Philippines? I know I do, that’s why I created this calligraphy supply directory to help you out! This list will be updated so be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

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*Prices not included since they’re subject to change without prior notice I separated this by material, and at the bottom there’s a list with links for your convenience. Enjoy! NOTEBOOKS/PAPER Notebook of Infinite Patience (made for calligraphy, has guidelines) – Swirls And Strokes / The Fozzy Book Sunday Paper Simple Notebook (ideal for hand lettering and brush lettering, blank) – Sunday Paper Co. Paper One 100 gsm 1 ream (all three) – Select NBS Branches Blue Feather Notebook – NBS Rhodia – Fully Booked NIBS Vintage Nibs (has flex and non flex) – Ink and Manuscript Art Vintage flex nibs, nib organizers and other accessories- The Nib Junkie Modern nibs – Craft Carrot, Craft Central, Create Crafts PH INK Calligraphy ink, k – Hey Kessy, Scribe Fountain pen ink – Scribe, NBS, Saizen if you’re lucky (I found black refills at one point!) Sumi ink – Create Crafts PH India ink – Hey Kessy, NBS Walnut ink – Craft Central (they also sell walnut ink crystals) BRUSH PENS ZIG products – Craft Carrot, Swirls and Strokes PH, Scribe, Create Crafts PH Pentel Pocket Brush Pen- Deovir (they have stocks like once a year ugh), Create Crafts PH Faber-Castell PITT pens – Select NBS branches MUJI Waterbrush (that you can fill with ink) – Deovir Sakura Pigma brush – Artmedia Trading, Deovir ONLINE SHOPS (some are Instagram shops) Craft Carrot Craft Central Create Crafts PH Swirls and Strokes PH The Nib Junkie Ink and Manuscript Art Artmedia Trading Hey Kessy (has brick and mortar shop @Katipunan) The Fozzy Book BRICK AND MORTAR ONLY SHOPS Scribe National Bookstore Fully Booked Deovir Muji If you have any questions about a particular brand/tool and where to find it, please don’t be afraid to comment/message me! I reply relatively fast! *No this post is not sponsored, this directory was made using knowledge I have. Did I miss something, want your shop to be part of this list? Let’s be friends! Message us on FB or comment below! :)


17 thoughts on “Handlettering 101.1: CALLIGRAPHY, BRUSH PENS, NIBS ETC. SUPPLY DIRECTORY for Manila, Philippines!

    1. Hello! Glad you liked the post! Thanks for the feedback, although I didn’t disclose the price because they do fluctuate a bit, although I’ll keep that in mind, thank you!

  1. Hello Celz! Thank you for the love and shout out for our shops! I love your blog. This post is very helpful for newbies! Thank you again and happy inking! – Sienne (Inkcatcher, 1/2 of The Nib Junkie)

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by!! I am a fan of your work!

      (Me, deep inside: The Inkcatcher commented on my blog omg omg omg omg omg omg cry)

    1. Hi Ayzza! I got it from NBS Katip. The last time I checked, there weren’t any calligraphy books there anymore :( You can try approaching any customer service rep of any branch so they could check which branches have the stock and they could send it to the branch you want, in case they still have it (this is what I did with another calligraphy book and their service was pretty fast!)

      I hope this helps! :)

  2. hi! can i ask which branch you found the Faber-Castell PITT pens? and maybe how much you bought them for? thanks :D

    1. Hi! I found them at NBS Katip, NBS RobMag, and I’ve heard it’s also in NBS Glorietta! Not sure how much it is exactly but I think a set of 6 is around 300-500 (sorry that’s a really broad range, I haven’t been looking for them specifically. If you want I’ll check for you the next time I go?

      1. wow thanks for replying so fast! if you could check, that would be great! but please don’t feel obliged to, at least now i have an idea. :)

  3. I need wheres is the other store can I buy the brush pens.. I dont have any credit cards or paypal I have cash only please help.. :(

    1. Hi Joshua! Yung mga online stores na nilagay ko accept cash din naman :) Minsan meron sa NBS or Fullybooked. Meron din sa Scribe :)

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