Ramen Nagi Review: Ramen virgins

Ramen Nagi- Robinson’s Magnolia


I am not a ramen fan. In fact most of my ramen memories are only connected with instant ramen reminiscent of weekday afterschool meriendas. I tried Ramen Nagi because my boyfriend insisted to eat somewhere else other than Yabu. Hehe. We’ve never eaten here (or any other ramen place for that matter). We ended up here because of its good zomato reviews. I tried the Black King Chef’s recommendation while he tried the Red King Chef’s recommendation.


What I liked about Ramen Nagi is you can customize your ramen as you like. For a ramen noob like me though, it felt overwhelming so I just chose chef’s recommendation.


I chose Black King because it piqued my curiosity. It’s not everyday you get to see and eat black ramen. From what I understand, their ramen starts with a standard broth and they just adjust depending on if you want Black, Red, Green or White king. Black King uses squid ink and is seafood-based while Red King is also about the spiciness.

Red king

Red King is a bright, fiery red soup that is very spicy, even for people like us who like things super spicy! The soup burns your throat but after the initial spiciness their soup base permeates the tongue with a mildly sweet flavor. The noodles were firm and well cooked. The meat was very tasty. The same is true for Black King as well, but instead of spice, it tastes very much like seafood. If you’re a fan of squid then you’ll surely like this. It was okay for someone who generally dislikes seafood.

What we both disliked was the meatball that crumbles easily. It wasn’t the texture that was the probably rather the sweet flavor that seems to overwhelm the ramen’s flavor. I think it was used to balance out the flavor from the broth but as someone who doesn’t like sweet tasting meats in general, I wasn’t very fond of it.


That being said, the customer service was excellent! They have responsive and courteous servers. Average waiting time. The place was clean.

The price range was 410 per bowl. Was it sulit? Yes because halfway I was already full, maybe the prices could be lowered though, but it does seem to me that they really use high quality ingredients.

*they have service charge btw

Verdict: 7/9 (using the 9-point Hedonic scale)


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