Hey Kessy: Better and Brighter Party

July 31, 2016 – UP Town Center, Quezon City

I woke up early as usual (shoutout to fellow morning persons!) and felt the sudden urge to work! In a little less than a month Twine + Sunshine is going to participate in a bazaar and honestly it makes me ABSOLUTELY NERVOUS. Anyhow, I’ve been waiting for this event to come because 1) f r e e art materials 2) I’ve seen how Hey Kessy started out since I accidentally discovered Mansy Abesamis’ blog a few years back, when she was blogging about experimenting with her papercutting and had a different day job, ’til she opened her little shop at Esteban Abada, a back street in Katipunan and now they’re in UP Town! Amazing.

Photo credits: Hey Kessy’s FB Event

If that’s not swoon/IG-worthy I don’t know what is. #aesthetic

So there, I woke up early as usual and hauled my butt to UPTC really early. As in, ako nagbukas ng Starbucks early haha. It was all because I got bit by the workaholic bug (please bite me more often).


Here are some of the finds I saw. Pardon the quality, there were a lot of people and taking photos makes me shy :(image

Wooden boxes! Wished I tinkered with this one, but I believe they have a switch and light up!


imageThere was an entire table for local paper goods. Look at those watercolor cards from Arlene Sy. I want them SO BAD. Hey Kessy also got a cake from Red Ribbon, and I think someone taste tested the icing hahaha.

imageMore pretty stationery! My interest got piqued by that beer soap over there. I have a couple of friends who’d probably like it ;)

imageDetails Ink products!

imageI tried taking a picture of the really cute poster. Emphasis on tried, and that I really should be less shameful of taking photos for the blog.


Sunday Paper, one of my absolute fave notebook brands and they’re local! I even recommend them in my calligraphy supply master list.

imageSharpie also had a giant coloring station!


Pardon the focus (or lack thereof), but this shelf has lots of ink, paint, and other watercolor supplies!




Stamp pads, in a lot of colors.





Told you the place was packed.



Congratulations to Hey Kessy for such a wonderful event!



This is one of the two things I bought from Hey Kessy, and I think I actually have one of these already, although with fewer colors. Look at them! They look just like an eyeshadow palette. Joanne and I have this inside joke because she has a makeup bag that’s full of brush pens instead of eyeliners. Am I the only one who thinks art supplies look like make-up?

Shout out in the comments if you want to see all my paint! So I could feel better about hoarding them. Huhu.




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